Smart Lipo Vs Velashape for Minimal Fat Removal

I want to get rid of 1 inch fat under my butt. I'm considering Smart Lipo or Velashape. I'm 110 lbs. I have no fat at all, only in that area. Should I try Velashape or will Smart Lipo be faster? I'm 18 and I really want to get it done. I just need advice which would be faster in eliminating the fat! thank you

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Much Better Control With Smart Lipo

The external devices are almost always temporary, not consistent and difficult to focus to a specific area. Smart lipo allows the operator to get very specific regarding the exact area to be treated and the fat is actually removed.

Of course smart lipo is "invasive" but minimally so. Velashape and similar devices sound good but depending on the situation the results may be very diappointing .

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