Smart Lipo Vs Traditional Liposuction for Losing Inches and Tightening Skin

Which between Smart Lipo and traditional Liposuction is better for reducing inches and getting tight skin? Thanks.

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SmartLipo vs Traditional Liposuction

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Dr. Schulman has an excellent reply and I do not want to repeat it but would like to emphasize that ANY physician can purchase a laser and with a minimal amount of training be performing SmartLipo (or any other laser assisted liposuction). It is up to the patient to find out what the surgeons' experience is in total body contouring, both surgically, with liposuction, and with laser assisted liposuction (and liposculpture). Only with an extended experience can the physician then chose which procedure or mix of procedures would be best for you. If the surgeon has only one way to treat you, then he will make that treatment conform to your problem whether it is the best solution or not, or he may not know that there is a better solution.

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Laser Lipo versus Traditional liposuction

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To start off, "Smart Lipo" is a brand name for a laser-assisted liposuction device - there are several on the market from a variety of companies. While I use a different brand, I have many patients coming to me and asking for "Smart Lipo" - this is a testament to the branding that the the particular company has done (It is like saying that I am goingt o make a "xerox" instead of a photocopy)

Lasers have the ability to "melt" fat and coagulate blood vessels. The advantage is that there may be less brusign and less swelling afterwards. Keep in mind, that unless laser liposuction is being done on a very small area (like under the chin), it still requires that the melted fat is removed....through regular liposuction. Also, laser liposuction still requires puncture holes for the cannula.

While I think there may be some advantages to using laser liposuction, many of the "advantages" may be exaggerated. If your doctor tells you that laser liposuction is the best thingk since sliced breast, but they only perform laser liposuction, then you may want to take it with a grain of salt. Most plastic surgeons would agree that tumescent liposuction, when done carefully and correctly, provides excellent results with minimal downtime. A qualified surgeon should be able to outiline the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Because I am experienced with tradiitonal and laser-assisted liposuction, I have a very honest discussion with my patients. The recommendation about traditional versus laser is specific to each patient, their body type, the amount of fat to be removed, and whether there has been previous surgery in that area.

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