Hematoma After a Smart Lipo Touch-up?

After a touch up from an earlier Smart Lipo procedure, I ended up getting a swelling on my side the size of a half avocado (the long way). It's very hard and not like the lumpiness I encountered the first time. It's stable and not growing, but it's very hard. How long do these take to resolve by themselves? Will this interfere with the heart surgery I'll be having in a few weeks? I had to do this right away since I'll be on coumadin after a heart valve surgery. I was taking aspirin up to a few days prior.


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You need your hematoma drained

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It does sound as though you have a hematoma which should be drained in order to prevent a very prolonged recovery, increased risk of scar tissue, and possibly even skin loss from too much stretching. Please go immediately back to your doctor for the proper evaluation and treatment. Don't sit on a hematoma if you have one.

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