Lower Ab Lumps After Smart Lipo

I Just Got Smart Lipo of the Thighs, Flank/ab's (Upper/lower) and a Breast Aug Done 17 Days Ago. I am very pleased with my results except for the lower ab's (about an inch above the belly button down) before the procedure, I was smooth..now I have these horrid lumps. It still hurts a bit..and is numb in spots, so I'm thinking it's due to some swelling/ skin needing to tighten? I am overall smaller, but I don't want to be small and lumpy, that's no good! As of right now (with the exception of the breast implants) I looked alot better in a bikini before!

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SmartLipo bad results--what to do now?

SmartLipo is best performed for small-amount liposculpture areas, such as under the chin, but I actually believe that best results in the submental area are achieved by direct excision rather than any form of liposuction.

For larger-volume fatty areas such as yours (abdomen, thighs, and flanks), SmartLipo is less-effectively utilized, and either inadequate amounts are commonly removed, or the surgeon resorts to other techniques of additional fat removal, such as Vaser ultrasonic liposuction. The advantage of SmartLipo (Vaser claims this also!) is the supposed delivery of [laser or ultrasonic] energy to the underside of the dermis, causing some degree of skin tightening above and beyond what the skin's own elasticity provides. I believe that this claim of skin tightening is mostly bogus, good only for marketing, and that the disadvantages of tiny cannula fat removal via SmartLipo make inadequate or lumpy results like yours more, rather than less, likely.

What seems to have occurred in your upper abdomen may actually be a seroma as well as swelling, most of which should be resolved by now. Sensation should be mostly resolved as well by 6-12 months after surgery. Any residual lumpiness will require surgical revision. Best wishes!

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