Smart Lipo for Abdomen and Inner Thighs?

I have some cellulite and jiggly fat on my inner thighs. I also have the lower abdomen "pouch" that I can never seem to get rid of. Will Smart Lipo really help me or should I just work out more often? I currently go to the gym 3x's a week and do about an hour of cardio. Should I just "up" the cardio and add weights, or will I benefit from this procedure?

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There are several options

First, cellulite has no cure. Any type of liposuction can make cellulite worse, even smart lipo. There are machines with external treatments that can unpredictably and temporarily improve cellulite. The best way to improve the cellulite is a lifting procedure but that requires real surgery with real scars. Some exercises may work, particulary "lunging type exercises".

The same thing goes for the belly. Te only way to get rid of the skin is to cut it out. Liposuction can remove fat but no lipo system can predictably get the skin to shrink.

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