Is Smart Lipo the Right Procedure for Me? (photo)

Dear doctors, I am a 37 years mother of 2. I was 5.3 and 125 lbs before my pregnancies. Each pregnancy i gained 60 lbs and lost almost all of weight a year later. Now I am done with having kids and I am 135 lbs with a big belly and what looks like loose skin. Is the smart lipo the right procedure for me? Will i end up with more loose skin? Will exercise and diet only will help acheive the result of a smooth belly again with less of a loose skin? PS: No tummy tuck for me, I had 2 c-sections

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Is Smart Lipo Right for You?

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Thank you for the pictures. They are quite helpful. I do believe you'll receive a nice result from Smart Lipo. However, having said that, if you want the tightest tummy possible, an abdominoplasty may be the better option. It's all about expectations. I offer both procedures here and both have pros and cons depending on your ultimate goal.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck

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Looking at your pictues, you do have some fat that could be removed with liposuction and your stomach would improve with SmartLipo. However, it is clear that you will still have some protrusion of your abdomen after liposuction. A low abdominal scar would be present, but a clearly better result is possible with a tummy tuck. This is because your stomach muscles have stretched out and need tightening to achieve the flat tummy you desire. Excess skin could be removed as well.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Smart Lipo may be excellent for you - I don't see the need for a tummy tuck here

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While tummy tucks have a place, they leave an unsightly scar in many cases and end up with a very long recovery time.  Smart Lipo, on the other hand, when done with the tumescent method of liposuction, can result in fantastic results and minimal (a day or two) recovery time, which is a huge improvement.

Additionally, the risks of tummy tuck are MUCH more than Smart Lipo, but make sure the surgeon/dermatologist is using the tumescent method as that is the one that results in the best retraction and quickest recovery.

Even if you need a tummy tuck, many dermatologists, including myself, do a 'mini' tummy tuck if there is a ribbon of skin remaining.  Having done over three thousand cases of liposuction, I can say that I haven't had to do more than 10 mini-tummy tucks as usually the skin retracts just fine.  Good luck!

Smart lipo vs?

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All lipo is designed to remove fat. Smart lipo like other laser lipo procedures does result in some skin shrinkage so it would be the best type of lipo BUT it is not the best procedure. If you have had 2 C-sections why wouldn't you have a tummy tuck? That would give you, by far, the best result. You could have a modified tummy tuck that would not involve the tightening of the muscles so the recovery is much faster.


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It is hard to tell from your pictures buy if you try smart lipo you may need skin resected later. A lot of the decision depends on the status of the medial rectus muscles. If you had two c-sections why not a real tummy tuck. The same scar should be used and the oversll pain should be less

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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