Uneven Swelling After Smart Lipo

One week after Smart Lipo, one of my sides is hard, swollen, now bruised, and a little tender to the touch. The other side is smoother with no bruising. Is this normal?

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Asymmetric healing

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Bruising and swelling are common after liposuction and tend to subside within about 2-3 weeks, although it can take longer. This can happen asymmetrically, so one side may be more affected than the other. The final result can usually be assessed at 3-4 months.

One side always looks different

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As a rule, we expect each side to swell and bruise differently.  So what you are experiencing sounds perfectly normal. However, I would check with your surgeon to make sure you are seen and that there is no hematoma (blood collection) that could affect your final result.


Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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