What to Do with Swelling After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo done 3 weeks ago. I can't work (my job is physical fitness) and am still swollen. I had my upper and lower abs, and flanks done. One side is down, the other is swollen and my lower abs look like I'm pregnant. What do I do?

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Swelling after SmartLipo

SmartLipo, Cool Lipo, Pro lipo, Tumescent liposuction, traditional liposuction, Vaser, etc, etc. Lasers are an adjunct tool. One should seek out a plastic surgeon with experience in body sculpting and liposuction and/or laser assisted liposuction. An experienced surgeon can then tell you which technique may be best for your particular problems.

Laser liposculpting is not for larger areas of fat reduction and more for refined sculpting of areas of limited lipodystrophy (fatty bulging or accumulation). Unfortunately, the only prerequisite for using a laser for liposculpture is the ability to buy it! The companies will sell these lasers to anyone with MD, or DO after their name with little regard to prior surgical experience (and many physicians have very little) let alone prior liposuction/liposculture experience.

Yes, all forms of liposuction/liposcultpure result in bruising and swelling, but if appropriately used, laser assisted liposcultpure hasless pain, less swelling, less bruising and a faster recovery.

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Am I the only one who is marveling that this question has been up all day and none of the smartlipo proponents ahve yet tackled it?


I hope everyone thinking of liposuction reads this post. ALL liposuction results in swelling and brusing --including SmartLipo!

All of you out there thinking of liposuction --don't look for SmartLipo---look for a great surgeon who will do Awesome Lipo --and be there to answer these sorts of questions for you!

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