Will my Belly Look Saggy After Smart Lipo?

I am a fit, 44-year-old female, 5'9", 180 lbs, with no kids. I also have no stretch marks, no "sad" belly button, and with very good muscles. Doctor said I would benefit from tummy tuck instead of Smart Lipo, but I dont want the scar. I have gained and lost weight and never had problems with saggy skin, but she says my mons pubis is a bit low and afraid things wont tighten up. If I downsize to 168 lbs, my belly goes away, but it's too thin for me. Will I get saggy belly after Smart Lipo?

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Cannot Predict

All liposuctioning including smartlipo has, as a risk, the possibility that the skin will not shrink down at all or only partially. I have been surprised at times how much skin shrinkage occurs in some patients where I was expecting that the skin would not shrink.

The risk of loose skin increases if there is already loose skin, stretch marks and larger volumes of liposuctioning. I have smart lipo, vaser, power assisted and traditional liposutiong and I do believe that the smart lipo and the vaser can give more skin shrinkage than the traditional.

I caution all patients that I cannot predict with certainty how much skin contraction will occur.

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