Lumps and Ripples After Smart Lipo?

I had "Smart Lipo" done 3 weeks ago on my flanks and upper and lower abdomen. I now have lumps/rope-like ripples on my mid-abdomen near my navel. I am worried that this may be permanent. I am also worried that my Dr. did not perform Smart Lipo correctly.

The procedure began with him making the incisions, separating the layers, and then he began to suction. As a final step, he used the laser. My understanding is that the laser is to be used PRIOR to suctioning to liquify the fat and aid in its removal. What should I do?

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Smartlipo and post-op issues

Irregularities after liposuction whehter by SMartlipo or other techniques can happen. At 3 weeks it is difficult to tell whether or not this is swelling or tissue that was left behind or overresected.  You have to give it some more time to settle down. 

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