Unhappy With Smart Lipo Results 9 Months Post- Op, What Are My Options?

I’m 44, 5’4”, 119 lbs. I have smart lipo performed on my lower abs, inner and outer thighs 9 months ago. Not satisfied with the result. My lower abs doesn’t seem to be changed. Why is the result so disappointing and what are my options? Smart lipo revision or different treatment?

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Skin versus fat

It's always disappointing to have a treatment and not get the desired results. Without seeing photos of your before and after results, here are some thoughts. At 5'4" and 119 lbs, you're near or at your ideal weight.

It's possible that you didn't have any significant subcutaneous fat present. Even if your ab seems rounded and not as flat as it used to be, you may have a weak ab muscle, or fat stored behind the muscle inside where your organs are located and that fat isnt suctioned with liposuction.

It may be that your skin is lax because of prior pregnancies. If stretch marks are present, it sometimes feels like there is fat, or something, under the skin, but it may be stretched connective tissue combined with stretched out skin. That isn't necessarily improved with liposuction, even with the assistance of a laser like Smartlipo.

If cellulite of the thighs is a major concern, again liposuction even with a laser, isn't that effective. 

I suggest you discuss your results with your surgeon, or get a second opinion from a surgeon who has a significant amount of expertise in liposuction. Other treatment types, such as those for skin laxity and cellulte may be options for your as well.   

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