Smart Lipo Results

I had smart lipo ultra done 6 weeks ago on my upper and lower abdomen. I was told that 1 liter of liquified fat was removed. I do not see any changes at this point. Help! does this procedure take longer for results in some people than others? Also, is 1 liter of liquified fat removal enough for the abdomen area? Also, have you ever seen where a person removed 1 liter of liquified fat and did not see any results after the 6 month mark? Help!!

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Post-liposuction swelling

As others have noted, residual swelling after liposuction is common.  Even so (and I perform liposuction using the tumescent technique,which involves fluid infusion), my patients, like Dr.  Blinski's, do see contour improvement shortly after surgery, although the swelling takes a while to abate.  A liter, in fluid, is not all that much fat to be removed (what you call liquified fat also contains serous fluid and some blood so it isn't just fat!).  Definitely see your plastic surgeon to share your concerns.

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To be fair, 6 months is needed to see more long term results, but you should see some benefit at 6 weeks.  One liter is not a lot of fat from an abdomen, but this depends on whether you weigh 110 lbs or 310 lbs.  Removal is relative to how much you have to take from. 

Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD
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Certainly after 6 weeks you should see a benefit to the SmartLipo.

If you have at least maintained you body weight you should see some results at 6 weeks.  Check back with you surgeon and look at the before and after photos.  Sometimes cosmetic procedures can dull your memory and improve your eyesight!  If there really was no improvement, your treatment may have been too conservative and a secondary treatment may be necessary to achieve an optimum result.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Smart Lipo Results

What is very troubling to me is you not seeing results after the Smart lipo. I have personally done over a thousand Smart Lipos and in my hands (as a board certified plastic surgeon) the one common denominator has ALWAYS been early noticeable results. Even the next day my patients see results. So by your written statement I can only surmise you had neither a boarded PS and you did not receive the Smart Lipo protocol that I train other doctors with. Especially after 6 weeks of healing something sounds just wrong. Please state the type of doc, the watt unit of Smart Lipo (bet it was 18 watt unit) and post a before and after photos. So we/I can comment and advise.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Liposuction and swelling

It really depends upon how much fat was removed first to get an idea of what kind of result to expect. In addition, if you recently had the liposuction 6 weeks ago, certainly you should expect swelling that may persist for several more months.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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