How Long Will the Results for Smart Lipo Last?

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Smart Lipo result longevity can vary

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Smart Lipo, just the same as regular liposuction, involves suctioning of fat from areas where excess accumulation has occurred. Whether this procedure will have short term results or long term results depends entirely on how you diet afterwards.

I have seen many people who never again need any 'help' in the areas treated, while I have seen others who had poor habits after the surgery, and needed extra procedures within a year or so. Whatever the case, it is unlikely that the same amount of fat will reaccumulate in the exact same areas.

What is more concerning is that the areas where the liposuction was performed will not gain fat, but other areas will, making the appearance of an apple core. I always encourage my patients to prepare for a healthy life after liposuction and make sure they are fully committed before undergoing this expensive and important procedure.

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