When to See Full Smart Lipo Results?

I had Smart Lipo two weeks ago. Although I didn't take measurements, I took many pictures to check the differences. Was that a huge mistake? Also, I cant tell if I am swollen. On one side, I can see a smoother area but on the other, I really do not. I am concerned that maybe they didn't get the right area, but I cannot tell because I cant determine where the swelling is. I really don't want to think that in 6 months, the swelling will be gone. When can I realistically see some sort of "after"?

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Smart lipo and swelling

i tell all of my liposuction patients, and especially my smart lipo patients, that the day after surgery, you will should see a big difference where fat was removed.  however, a few days after that, swelling takes over, and you may not see much of a difference until the swelling resolves, which may take up to a few months.  as far as knowing "where you were treated," i like to mark the areas to be treated prior to surgery and have the patient confirm that we are talking about the same areas.  this is a very important part of the procedure as far as communication between doctor and patient.

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You should be seeing something significant at 2 weeks

If you are 2 weeks out, you should be seeing results from liposuction.  At one month you should see 75% of your final result.  I don't understand exactly what you are describing because there should be no doubt at this point about seeing a result.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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