How Long Do Smart Lipo Results Last?

I have a few problem areas that I’ve been wanting to fix. I'm thinking about getting the Smart Lipo and I'm trying to determine how long do results last on average.

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Changes from SmartLipo will last years with good nutrition and exercise

The type of results you get from liposuction and/or Smartlipo will last years so long as you maintain a healthy diet and nutrition and a good exercise routine. Smartlipo melts fat cells and liposuction removes them so you are creating a permanent reduction in these fat compartments. However, if you increase you calories or drop off on the exercise then you are subject to storing more fat either in these areas or, more likely, in other areas of your body. IF you choose Smartlipo, make sure you look for a doctor who has the new generation Smartlipo MPX so that you get the results you desire. IT is more powerful and provides 2 lasers in one. Good luck.

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