Can Smart Lipo Remove Entire Belly Fat?

All of my fat is concentrated in my belly and lower belly. I measure about 48 inches around. Due to exercise limits from my doctor, I am am only permitted to walk and ride a bike. Can Smart Lipo remove all or at least most of this? I look like I am at least 7 months pregnant, and I just want it gone. What can i do?

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Smart Lipo for abdominal fat

Probably not. Sounds like you have significant fatty deposits both immediately under your skin as well as within your abdominal cavity neither of which is conducive to liposuction. Remember, there is no substitute for weight loss and liposuction is a very poor method of weight loss. It is best used for focal fatty deposits in patients who are at or near ideal body weight. Patients who use liposuction as a method of weight loss are usually disappointed with the results.

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I doubt it.

From what you tell us, it may be that a lot of your fat is inside the abdominal cavity, around the liver, stomach and intestines. In that case, none of the methods like liposuction, VASER, Smartlipo will help remove it. You can pinch how much fat you have on the outside for a guide. Liposuction has to leave some fat all the way around to conceal any irregularities. Whether that is one centimeter or one-half centimeter varies with the area and the doctor. A measurement of 48 inches around the belly usually means your result will be disappointing if you expect major changes.

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