Should I Get a Smart Lipo Reference from Prior Patient?

Hi, I'm contemplating about getting Smart Lipo but trying to get answers to many questions first. I asked my doctor for a reference from someone who had the procedure done and they are unable to provide because of Hippa Laws. I thought they were allowed to obtain a waiver from satisfied paients. Should I be worried because this data is not provided?

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Patient references

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It is always a good idea if you have concerns to speak with some former patients.  I usually have my patient call the prospective patient so that privacy can be maintained.  I always ask my patients if it is ok for someone to speak with them first.  Privacy is very important, and I respect that.


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I believe that when you are going to have any surgical procedure, you should always give it the due diligence such as checking references, etc.

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Any doctor who can't provide a previously satisfied patient should be viewed with extreme caution!

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While HIPAA laws of confidentiality do insist that any patient information has to remain confidential, there are very easy ways to enlist happy and satisfied patients to act as sources for you.  We routinely offer the ability to talk with a prior patient and it is a great way to let folks know the results from a user standpoint.

Additionally, most practices have a staff member or two who have undergone each procedure while the doctor was learning, so it is rare that you can't, at the very least, talk with a staff member (who ought to be happy!).

If you have a doctor who has no one who will recommend him that means that either he is just starting out or he is just that bad!   I'd take a pass, whatever the case!


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Patient referal is always a good thing but, not necessary. Find out where you person trained for laser lipo and check out pictures.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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