I Had a Smart Lipo Procedure This Feb 2012. Still Sore, Normal?

I had my upper and lower abs , and hips done. I have really nice results on my stomach area and feel there is soreness hips. I went back to the doctor to ask about another procedure : my inner and outer thighs and below my butt. Same time i was there i stated i was interested in for my hips to re examined since i was unhappy with the way they were still flabby and felt that all the fat wasn't all removed, and that the hips were still sore. Normal to feel these way in one area & not the other?

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Smartlipo to certain areas with pain

Unfortunately, there are areas that are more sore and last longer than others.  This is not unusual.  You may be dealing with some swelling in that area.  I also feel that it may be too soon to address another area.  Give this area some more time to resolve and allow some of the residual swelling to come down some more. Good luck

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The amount of pain and duration of discomfort will not only varry from patient to patient but also from area to area. Skin tightening also varries. It may be too soon to repeat. Ask your physician.

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