Smart Lipo and Circulation?

After the initial couple of days after smart lipo, how much walking during the day is good for circulation?

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Smart Lipo and circulation?

In my patients the more the better. But you need to ask your chosen surgeon his/her protocol. Always follow the operating surgeon's advise. 

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Post-op lipo

In general fo rmy patients, I like them to be ambulating right after the procedure. Of course this does not mean exercising or power walking but certainly walking around their home to and from rooms is fine and then after a day or two when they have more strength and feel comfortable they can go out  and take leisurely walks.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Post op

After Smart Lipo, you should return ro normal walking as at work within a few days. However streneuous exercise needs to be held off for a few weeks more. Ask your surgeon how you are progressing. My laser nurse and office manger both had lipo and were back at work in a few days

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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