Smart Lipo to Slim Generally Overweight Person?

Does it help only some problem area or helps generally overweight person?

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Lipo of any kind is only for spot reduction not weight loss

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Probably the main reason that liposuction is the most commonly revised cosmetic surgery is that so many people have it done who are not great candidates for it. Combined with the fact that so many non-plastic surgeons do the procedure, it has the lowest total satisfaction rate of commonly done cosmetic surgeries. The generally overweight person is absolutely not a candidate for any type of liposuction (Smart lipo is not magic). Only the person who can specifically point to isolated areas of interest will do well.

Not for weight loss

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Smartlipo won't help you lose a considerable amount of weight. It is more to remove unwanted localized fat deposits on your body that don't respond well to diet and exercise. It can help treat love handles, muffin top, saddlebags and other contour concerns. You should be at an ideal, stable weight before you proceed with surgery for your safety and to improve your surgical outcome.

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