No Skin Tightening After Smart Lipo

I went in for a Liposuction consultation, and was sold on Smart Lipo; I was told there would be noticable skin tightening. Six months later, I still don't see much of a change. Is it possible I've been scammed? How can you tell if they actually did Smart Lipo v/s regular?

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Skin after Lipo

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First, the claims that are made regarding skin contraction from smart lipo have never been proven. It has been my experience that skin tightening does occer with smart lipo but I never tell the patient that it will definely happen. Many times it does not.

One way you can tell if smart lipo was used is to obtain the facility records. If smart lipo was not used and you were told that it would be used there is some explaining that needs to be made.

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