Nerve Damage After Smart Lipo?

Can Smart Lipo produce nervous system damage on your hips area? I had it 8 days ago and, due to a horrendous clinic staff, my anesthesia wore off and I felt excruciating pain during the surgery.

The pain made me jump and twist at least twice just when the surgeon was working on my right and left back side. First, he tried to cover up but now he is offering me Dermawave. He thinks it's nerve pain; Is it permanent? Help!

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Lasers (in my opinion) are not as safe as alternatives

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Hi there-

Unfortunately, your experience is not a rare one... The lasers used by Smartlipo and other laser devices can cause damage to skin, blood vessels, and nerves that is much less likely than with other options. The presence and prominence of skin dimples and dents after these laser procedures is also much more likely...

I would suggest you talk this over carefully with your provider- if he/she is not a plastic surgeon, I would ask for a referral to a board certified plastic surgeon (make sure they're certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery). I'm not sure about the pain, but the other problems may be correctable- but only a well trained plastic surgeon will have the training necessary to help you understand how and when.

Good luck- I hope you get what you wanted.

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