Face Droops After Smart Lipo on Neck

Had smart lipo of neck. When I smile, one side of my face droops. Is this likely to be permanent?

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Facial droop with smiling

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Depending on how soon after your procedure you are noting this problem, it could be the affect of the local anesthetic in the first day. Sometimes, but rarely, the marginal mandibular nerve can be affected and go into "hibernation" for a while; this is referred to as neuropraxia. It may bounce back very quickly or it could take some time. You should have it checked out immediately in case the nerve is severed, an ENT facial plastic surgeon, or other specialties, could perform a nerve conduction study and fix the nerve if needed, but the sooner you are seen the greater chance they can isolate the nerve. Don't wait, at least this way you may be given the reassurance you need.

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