I Had Smart Lipo on my Neck Almost Two Months Ago and Have Burning, Is This Normal?

and pain by the end of the day. to the point that I have to take meds. Is this normal? I also had it on my stomach. I still can't go without the compression garment. And I still have swelling. Is this normal?

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Post Smartlipo pain

A burning sensation to your neck should no longer occur 2 months post procedure. You will have minimal bruising and discomfort after the procedure which should reside in a few weeks. Any pain after that I would follow up with your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly.

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Burning after lipo

Liposuction and especially laser assisted liposuction can cause swelling and a burning sensation post-op. How long this last is different for every patient. The routine post-op period is around 12 weeks and during this time it is not uncommon to have discomfort, residual swelling and changes in sensation. I would touch base with your plastic surgeon to make sure everything is healing well. Gentle massage to the areas of liposuction can help increase circulation and also encourage sensation to normalize as well as swelling to dissipate. Good luck! 

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Burning after Smart Lipo

The first thing you should do is touch base with your surgeon and make sure that everything is healing well.  It is possible to have nerve pain and strange sensations for months after surgery, and some swelling 2 months after liposuction is not uncommon.   Dr. Spring

Smart lipo burning pain

Smart lipo like ultrasound Liposuction, can injure the small nerves under the skin. This is called neuropathic pain and is characterized by the burning feeling you describe. It should get better with time. There are some specific medicines for this kind of pain as well. See your doctor.


Ive had a few PTs who were helped by ice and skin treatments like Ben gay. Worth a try. Couldn't hurt.

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