I Had Smart Lipo 3 Months Ago. I Was Smaller a Month Ago, What Happened? Yes I Exercise and Diet.

I had smart/vaser lipo on April 25th, my first procedure--abdomen and waist, followed by 2 more weekly produces, chin, arms, inner thighs, lower butt, flanks. The surgeon, who is great by the way, told me now I would begin shrinking, I am bigger than a month ago, I exercise, and overall I'm very active. It seems like the hardness of the swelling was better than this. Even my cloths got tighter again?

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Healing phases

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Your results for smart lipo can take up to 6 months. Immediately after the procedure you will notice an improvement then you tend to swell. You will have swelling under the skin until you are completely healed.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Three phases of healing

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The first phase of volume reduction is the loss of the water used during the procedure. This part would be well gone after the three month post op mark.

The second step is the swelling  (inflamation) This will fluctuate and even create a temporary uneven feel as the body tackles one area after another.

Finally there is the tightening from the laser, as it stimulates collagen. This may continue to show changes even after six months..

Christopher J. Peers, MD
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Smart Lipo/VASER - timeline for healing

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Hang on!  I really like to discuss contour changes after liposuction in terms of pinches.  Remember the thickness of the areas you had liposuctioned- you will be able to pinch those areas and really feel the difference when the tissue softens.  The more energy from VASER or laser the longer the recovery. 

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