Will Lumpy Scar Tissue from Smart Lipo Ever Go Away?

I had smartlipo done on my abdomen and flanks 6 months ago. I wore my compression garment 24/7 for 2 1/2 months. I massaged every day and had 15 ultrasound massages trying to smooth out the lumps on my abdomen.

Well, 6 months later, the lumps are still there and still hard. I am now told it is scar tissue. Will that ever go away? I was even told that a tummy tuck would get rid of the scar tissue..Uuuugghhhhh, I sure don't want to do that.

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Lumps from Smart Lipo

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Lumps and bumps after Smartlipo can last for 6-8 months or longer if due to pockets of swelling.  If they are due to scar tissue, which is very unusual after Smartlipo, they are less likely to fade away.

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