Smart Lipo for Loose Skin and Stretch Marks?

I am small framed and had two large babies 9 lbs, after birth. My stomach is flat but just loose skin and stretch marks. Is Smart Lipo the answer? I don't want surgical measures.


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Smart Lipo won't fix your loose skin

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Without even seeing you, I can tell you almost for sure that if you have loose and stretch-marked skin after two huge babies, nothing non-surgical available today will tighten you. Period.

And BTW, smarlipo is surgical. Though the company touts it as being non-invasive, it is even more invasive than regular lipo.

So if you were open to that, you should be willing to consider a tummy tuck. If you care enough to write a question to this website, then at least get a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and see what he has to say.

Follow the link below and look at some of my tummy tuck pictures. Indeed there is a big scar. But there is also a big change.

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Smartlipo not for loose skin or stretchmarks

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Loose skin and stretch marks cannot be effectively addressed with Smartlipo. While tissues can be tightened to a certain extent, Smartlipo is often insufficient when there is a lot of loose skin. If you don't want to have surgery, then you can try laser skin tightening or micro needling. Both won't give you the predictable dramatic results that can be achieved through surgery, however it may be worth a try.

Smart lipo for stretch marks?

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Smart lipo is not going to help inches or weight loss. It best use is to help contour or fine tune irregularities. It will not help stretch marks or loose (excess) skin.

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