Smart Lipo for Loose Skin Due to Fluctuating Weight?

I have an appointment scheduled on August 10, 2009 to get Smart Lipo done on my arms, abdomen, and inner things and I'm crazy nervous!!

I am currently 5'7" and 178 lbs I'm pretty muscular, but I have some loose skin on my arms, inner thighs, and stomach that I cannot get off from going up and down with my weight over the years.

I've read so many articles many good and many bad, so I'm not too sure how I feel about it. I don't know what to expect at all. Can anyone help please?

Doctor Answers 2

Smartlipo has limited skin tightening capabilities

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While smartlipo can help the skin retract to a certain extent, if you have a lot it's probably better to get another treatment performed, such as a lift or laser skin tightening.

Liposuction not for loose skin

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Unfortunately, any form of liposuction will probably not tighten loose skin as much as the patient would like. You may want to consider a body lift instead, as this will remove the excess skin. While you'll have more scarring, you won't have that loose skin anymore.

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