Would I Be a Better Candidate for Smart Lipo or Regular Lipo?

I’m 5'1” and have 3 kids and weigh about 225 lbs. Would Smart Lipo work for me? I'm doing research to see what would be the best procedure for me. It would either be Smart Lipo or just regular Liposuction. With my last child, I had to have a c-section which left me with a large lump.

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Liposuction for patient that weighs 225 lbs

Liposuction can be appropriate for patients who need targeted contouring in areas with fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. At your height and weight, you should loose weight first. Then, if there are areas that do not respond to diet and exercise, you can consider liposuction. Personally, I think the skill and experience of the surgeon is more important than the type of liposuction equipment used. Look for a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ask for referrals from your doctors and friends. Hope this helps.

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Consider other options as well

After three pregnancies it is very possible that you have loose skin on the tummy as well as the fat lump. The concern is the appearance of the skin after you remove the lump. I would recommend discussing this with some one that has experience with liposuction as well as tummy tucks. The "type" of liposuction is not very important compared to the training and experience of the person doing it.. You need to remove a lump and this always involves traditional liposuction whether you include a laser or not. The Smart Lipo will cost you more and not provide any benefit.

Discuss this with a board certified plastic surgeon and you can decide what will work best for you. After you are examined the surgeon will be able to give you better information that is pertinent to you.

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