Smart Lipo Vs Liposuction for Abs and Back Fat?

I have read so many different things about Smart Lipo and Liposuction. (I know Smart Lipo is laser treated to melt the fat for an easier removal. So recovery is easier with Smart Lipo? Results are smoother?

I am 5'7" 170 lbs ok shape etc fighting the ab fat and considering Smart Lipo but I do not want my best end results in a year? I have no floppy skin (no c-sections) so it's just the Jelly Belly syndrome with a little back fat! Your thoughts? I want to take a vacation in August could I do this in June and go on Vacation in August! Looking Good! Help : )

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Liposuction vs. weight loss

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I agree heartily with both of my colleagues.

Weight loss will be a win-win for you, health wise and appearance wise. Liposuction with any technique will reduce fat only modestly compared with the amount that would be ideal for your figure.

Patients who are carrying extra weight who solve this problem by liposuction alone typically end up with a "beer belly" appearance, with intraabdominal fat and irregularities from repeated liposuction procedures.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Best to lose some weight

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As Dr. Placik has said, you would not be entirely happy with any liposuction procedure unless you lost 20-30 pounds first. At that point, you might not even need any liposuction at all. You would always prefer your body at the new weight than if you did liposuction and stayed in the same weight range you are now. The result just wouldn't be different enough to be worth the cost and the risk. Good luck!!

Laser lipolysis not likely to give your the results you are seeking

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Are you male or female. If female, your ideal body weight is on average 140 lbs and if you are a male your ideal body weight would be approximately 148 lbs. In either event you are a minimum of 22 or 30 lbs overweight.

Liposuction of any form is likely to achieve about 3-5 lbs of fat removal.

The area you are describing is large in surface area and would be very time consuming with laser lipolysis.

There are few if any valid studies which document the superiority of laser lipolysis over traditional liposuction.

Furthermore, surgery in June may not adequate time for sufficent healing by August. I generally advise my patients to avoid sun exsposure to liposuciton treated areas for a minimum of 3-4 months.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Laser lipolysis vs regular lipo

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Dear lovelife,

All the information above are good responses:

To reinforce some information:

1. There are no studies that show that laser lipolysis is any better than any other from of liposuction.  As long as it is done by a "qualified physician."  Make sure your physician is board certified in plastic surgery or even cosmetic dermatology and it isn't a person that took a "weekend course" somewhere.  Also don't be fooled by a title such as "cosmetic doctor" or "aesthetic doctor".

2. Having the surgery in June and expecting overall results by August is a very close time frame.  Specially if you have the procedure as your weight indicates a large volume liposuction case.  You will not be 100% in that short frame of time.  Dr. Placik is correct sun damage to the incisions will make them very visible.

3. Liposuction is NOT a weight loss mechanism.  It is a body sculpting mechanism.  It is mainly used to improve the contour of areas that a person is unhappy with.  So it is always best to  loose weight prior to any cosmetic procedure but specially for liposuction. 

Good luch

Ernesto Hayn, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

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