No Change on Abs After Laser Lipolysis

I had Laser Lipolysis last April 10. The doctor told me I'd be very happy with the results probably due to the fact that I have obvious muscle definition beneath the fat on my abs.

However, I am just under two months post op and my belly pretty much looks the same. There was no talk about "sometimes fat is stubborn and will not dissolve". Now what? Did I just kiss my money good bye?

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Discuss With Your Surgeon

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Most(hopefully all) plastic surgeons want to have excellent results and happy patienst. The following is just my opinion and philosophy: You need to go back to your Dr. with your concerns. He should be able to tell you why you are not seeing changes and what you can do about it. I would not just accept that you are not satisfied and if you and your plastic surgeon had anticipated a certain result and you did not get there then you and your plastic surgeon need to see what you can do to get ther at minimal additional cost if any.

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No results after liposuction

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I suggest you make sure that you're not affected by swelling first, then if you aren't, go back to your surgeon to discuss your results. 

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