Smart Lipo Knee Surgery stiffness?

Will the knees feel stiff after Smart Lipo? Will it be very difficult to walk around after the procedure?

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Lipo of the knees

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Lipo of the knee area usually is not too uncomfortable, but swelling may perist longer than abdominal or chest regions.

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Recovery After Smartlipo Of The Knees

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While any body area treated by Smartlipo will have some soreness, the inside of the knee is unique. This is because it is the only body area treated by liposuction that crosses a joint. So the normal soreness that is caused by the surgery will be further aggravated by flexion and extension movements. For this reason, I find that knee liposuction takes the longest for all soreness and swelling to resolve. This could be up to six weeks after surgery. It will not be difficult to walk around but it will be sore to bend your knees down to 90 degrees or less. Many patients prefer to wear a knee wrap, like those available in the drug store for knee sprains, to give support as the swelling and soreness gradually gets better.

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