Burn After Smart Lipo on Inner Thighs

I had Smart Lipo done on my inner thighs on April 3rd and was burned. It's oval-shaped, about two inches long and one inch wide on my inner thigh. My doctor told me it was a second degree burn, and put ointment on and cover it. Am I doing what I am supposed to in regarding to treating the burn (few layers of skin removed and is red)? I'm still experencing a lot of discomfort in the treated areas, pain and numbness. I am freaking out a little and want to know if this is normal.

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No, this is most certainly NOT normal and needs to be addressed

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SmartLipo is a relatively safe procedure if performed correctly and with good technique and good equipment by physicians/surgeons with good judgment. Now, that isn't always the case and that's why it pays to find out who is doing your surgery and what laser they are using and what their credentials are.

In over a year of performing SmartLipo I haven't ever had a burn and don't believe I will. The reason for this is that I use scrupulous technique and avoided purchasing the MPX, which I think is unsafe. Additionally, I do the tumescent method to numb up prior to doing the SmartLipo.

There are a lot of 'surgeons' and family practitioners out there who are doing this who have no clue how it should be done. All they know is how to write a check for an expensive laser. This may be the case with your procedure.

Whatever the case, this is something that needs to be followed quite carefully. I'd go for a second opinion at this point as this is concerning.

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