Not Seeing Results After Smartlipo Surgery

i'm 29 and approx 5'2, pretty small person. I did smart lipo on my upper arms on 9/16 and love handles on 9/25. Brusing is all gone after approx a week, it is not as painful anymore when i'm massaging it, though I still feel tense when I sit too long or when i wake up in the morning.

My arms seem to look the same and i do see some results on my love handles. can you tell me how I can tell if the swelling is gone? i'm not sure if i'm having my final results already. Although i did read a lot that normally you don't see results until 3 months. I feel that i'm pretty much recovered on my arms, but i don't see any results, so i'm worried. Also on the scars, will they go away? please advise. thanks

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New laser lipo machines usually give better results

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The result of laser lipo is much better with liposuction after laser to remove damaged and melted fat. The other issue is the kind of laser lipo.

The original laser lipo machines were very weak (6 watt compared to 36 watts with new ones) and did not give as good a result compared to the new ones (Smartlipo MPX is the latest machine).

You should see the final result after 3-4 months.

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