Can Smart Lipo Help my Husband? He Works Out but Cannot Lose Weight.

My husband is 230lbs. and military he works out daily and has seen many doctors but nobody has a reason why he can not lose the weight, my question is if he wanted to get rid of the 30 pounds at least could he get the Smart Lipo? Afterwards what would he have to do to keep the weight off and what would his diet have to be? I do not have a picture for the site but any info would be great thank you!

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Smart lipo

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Thanks for the question and congrats to your husband for getting to the gym daily as it can be very hard to find the time, liposuction could improve his appearance but it will not provide any weight loss. That being said a lot of people use liposuction as the jump start they need to lose weight!

Smart lipo and liposuction in general is for body contouring and not for weight loss

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Liposuction is not intended to help people lose weight.  It tends to only contour the outer body fatty deposits.  Typically we take off only a few pounds, if that, and the resulting shape make you appear like you have lost more than that. 

Without knowing anymore I would say that your husband may have intra-abdominal fat, slow metabolism, a hormonal regulation problem, or one of a dozen other considerations that may play a role in his poor weight loss.

I would recommend you try to approach these types of problems rather than trying the liposuction route just for weight loss.

Nikesh K. Patel, MD
Freehold Plastic Surgeon
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