Is Compression Garment Use Recomended After Smart Lipo?

Is the use of compression garment or binder really recommended after Smart Lipo? I am wearing a garment for about a week. I had my upper and lower abs, hips, and lower back done. Is the binder better? Will it help more with reducing swelling? Where can I get it?

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Binder after Liposuction

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Every surgeon has his or her own postop regimen when it comes to binders or garments. The basic idea is to apply light constant pressure in the treatment area which helps to reduce swelling and provide support which helps pain and bruising. Binders and garments also help to "mold" the area of treatment. I usually have my patients wear a compression garment that is purchased preop and made specifically for liposuction patients. They wear it for 10 days to two weeks. The most important thing to remember is no matter what you wear, make sure it's not too tight as this will be counter-productive and increase pain, swelling and bruising.

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