Smart Lipo Follow Up Appointments?

How many post-procedure return visits to the surgeon are necessary after Smart Lipo? Is it possible for someone to travel to another destination to do a Smart Lipo procedure without having to go back several times for follow-up appointments?

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SmartLipo postop

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In general, it is a bad idea to travel for your cosmetic surgery procedure. If everything goes well, then you're probably OK. However, if you have any concerns or even a complication, then you will be sorry that you did so. This is true for many reasons:

1. Seeing a surgeon, other than the one who performed the procedure, leaves that surgeon without knowing exactly what was done in the operating room.

2. You might not feel comfortable going to another surgeon who did not perform the original procedure.

3. Perhaps most importantly, any surgeon you see for a complication that was a result of a procedure performed by another surgeon will likely charge you a fee. Normally, when you see your surgeon for follow up care, there are no additional fees. However, this is not true if you see another surgeon.

Unless you live in an area where there are no board-certified plastic surgeons, I would highly discourage you from travelling any measurable distance for your cosmetic surgery procedure. Good luck!

Dr. Singer

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Follow up Appointments after Smartlipo

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Smartlipo is a great procedure since it has immediate results and minimal necessary follow up.  While we like to see the patients a week after surgery, three weeks after surgery and three months after surgery, there are no sutures to be removed.  So, there is really no strict follow up schedule.  If you are traveling to another location for surgery, please make sure that it is certified and staffed with competent, board-certified plastic surgeons.  It is a huge mistake to travel to a third world country to save a few dollars but end up with disastrous results and expensive travel for follow ups.

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