Smart Lipo - How Much Fat Was Removed?

I had smartlipo done on my hips and lower+upper abdomen 2 weeks ago with minimal results so far.I spoke to the office and they told me they removed 2350cc's of fat(1cc=1ml) and about 1000cc's of the numbing solution.The thing is,I took a picture right after the procedure(see bottom)and they told me the orange is the fat and red is the numbing solution+blood and as you can see there's way more solution removed then fat. Do you think the doctor is lying and he only removed 1000cc's of fat instead?

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Smart lipo, volume or contour

The truth is that very many individuals are focused on the volume of fat removed in any liposuction procedure. The best surgeons will focus on the contour and shape of the area under treatment. Whether 1000 or 2000cc are removed, the look is the result in question. Hope your result is a great one.

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Liposuction Amounts Vary

It is hard to comment on how much fat and aspirate were removed during a surgery without being involved.  Howeever, based on your photograph of the liposuction cannisters, it sounds like the numbers are reversed.  It appears to be about 2400cc total removed ( fat and aspirate) and about 1000-1400cc of fat.  Again, this is just going off of your photograph and assuming standard sized liposuction cannisters.  I would double check with your surgeon.  In terms of results, it generally takes at least 6 weeks to see full results from liposuction, so be patients.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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Liposuction and fat removal

You had trusted your surgeon with your health to allow them to peform surgery. You should trust them with the answer but for reassurance, you can ask your surgeon to discuss the numbers.  There might have been a misunderstanding in that of the total removed, within that volume was the amount for the anesthetic solution and fat.  Also, was there yet another cannister that was moved?

Your result will be determined within the next three to six months and that is the important aspect for your satisfaction.  If you are dissatisfied with the physical appearance at six months and a physical examination reveals that you have more than a couple of centimeters (about 2/3 of an inch) of fat pinched between two fingers, then more liposuction can be done.

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Results of liposuction shoudl speak for itself.  My endpoint of liposuction is not the amount of fat removed but is somtimes limited by the amount of bloody fluid coming out and of course the contour result I obtain.  My goal is the contour result which is often reached when I see a bloodier fluid aspirate.

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Total volume of Fat may not be relevant

It is impossible to accurately comment on the amounts removed without being involved in the surgery. Your picture does show more solution than fat.  It may not be relevant, however. At 2 weeks you are probably still swollen and have not had time for the skin to tighten. What really counts is whether your surgeon removed the right amount, not HOW MUCH he/she removed.  Try to be patient and allow more time for healing. If you are still not satisfied, then speak with your doctor about a touch up procedure.

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