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Hi,I had this done less than a week ago so cannot see full results yet. The facts are these; I am 36 yr old female. 5 ft 4" tall 150lbs (bmi26)I had 4 areas done - Upper Ab,Lower Ab,Posterior Flanks and Love Handles/Sides. The total fat removed was just half a litre (500cc). For upper and lower abs the doctor only made one incision each side half way up my stomach(therefore treating it as one area).Is this correct ?Or should the 2 areas have been treated separately?

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Liposuction on the abdomen

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There is not a textbook set of insertion sites needed for upper and lower abdomen liposuction. It is up to the surgeon to decide which access sites will provide the best result of the surgery and it is not unusual that additional sites are added during the procedure if necessary. Certainly multiple sites offer the surgeon  the opportunity to remove some deposits of fat that might not be reached from a different area, and does provide the opportunity to produce a smoother result. That is not to say that you might not obtain a wonderful result. Please followup with your surgeon.

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