What if Smart Lipo Compression Garment Isn't Tight Enough?

I had Smart Lipo 3 days ago and ended up shrinking it when drying it. Only the elastic at the top shrunk and the doc said I could cut slits in the elastic (but not the compression material) so that it wouldn't leave indentions. I can't get a new one for two more days. It feels tight enough in the legs but I can't tell if it's tight enough in the lower abdomen area. Will my results suffer if the garment isn't quite tight enough these first few days even though I'm getting a new one soon?

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Compression garment after Smart Lipo

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Some doctors do not force their patients to wear compression garments. It is recommended by many though.  If compression garments are not fitting well, then don't chance it until the right garment is in your possession and ask  your doctor.

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