Smart lipo candidate? (photos)

I am wanting to lose the spare tire, or stomach and love handles. I lost 60+ lbs almost 6 years ago and cannot seem to rid my body of these troublesome areas. I heard of smart lipo and got a consultation but the "consultant" was an employee, not a surgeon. I'm curious with these pictures, is smart lipo a good choice for me? I'm 32/m 6'5 240 lbs

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Smartlipo would be a nice solution.

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Smartlipo is a nice solution especially if your greatest concern is your flank ares or "spare tire".  Smartlipo works great in areas of dense fibrous fat which is what you will find in the flank area and in most men in general.   
If you are also concerned about a lot of excess skin then it may not be a complete solution.  Depending on how much skin laxity you have on the front of the abdomen then the Smartlipo may not be able to give you all the tightening that you want.  In that case you may choose to have it supplemented by an excisional technique such as a abdominoplasty. Not essential, however it is really based on how tight you want to be.
It is important to meet with the doctor that can examine you and can offer you all the options.

Smart lipo candidate?

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     You are probably on the border of liposuction and tummy tuck.  An exam would likely help make the determination.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Perfect Candidate

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Based on the photos, you are a perfect candidate for abdominal laser-assisted (smartlipo) liposuction. I perform "liposculpting" for the male abdomen. In liposuction, it's not just what you take out but what you leave in that is important.
By strategically removing and keeping fat in key areas, I can accentuate the natural lines of muscle definition, helping to further improve the appearance of the abdomen to leave you looking more fit than you would with fat removal alone.
Using the laser allows me to further tighten the skin by introducing heat energy to the undersurface. Liposuction is ideal for patients who have had some fluctuations in weight and who have "trouble" areas of the body where fat remains stubborn despite diet and exercise. For men, these areas are usually the flanks and lower abdomen, while in women, the flanks, hips and thighs are the common culprits. In patients who have had "massive" weight loss, patients with significant stretch marks, or patients with multiple pregnancies, body contouring surgeries are preferred. These involve surgical incisions (hidden below the bathing suit or bikini line) to remove the unwanted skin in addition to the fat layer.

It is possible that SmartLipo will help you, but your doctor will need to assess it by touching the area.

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If I were to see you in my office, I would think SmartLipo would work, but it is important to feel the area to see if there is fat or just redundant tissue below the skin.  If you go to a plastic surgeon, most likely they will NOT consider SmartLipo or even liposuction, but if you go to a dermatologist who does tumescent liposuction you will have both options considered if they are ethical.  
Check out the credentials of the dermatologist and make sure they have done tumescent liposuction for at least a few years and that should be a good indication they are able to assist you.  Good luck!

Smart lipo candidate? (photos)

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For your weight loss I think you look remarkably good. You may have some redundant skin not fat. You need a physical exam. 

IMO smart lipo offers no advantage in removing fat or tightening skin.


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