Can Smart Lipo Make a Difference when There is Alot of Weight to Lose?

I am 28 5’8 and weigh 279 (after two kids) I have tried everything diet books and pills and it took me 5 months to lose 30 lbs (so depressing - I did this on the 6 wk body makeover diet) my menu consist of no flour, sugar, sodium and very low fat (because I was taking alli) and my total daily calorie in take is 1100 – 1300. I am walking regularly. I even spent $2300 to buy a elliptical (2hrs daily) and a body vibration machine (20 mins daily).

I know smart lipo is not a means to weight loss, and I know for me it would take a couple procedures, but I am just looking for something to help me get to my goal where I can actually look in the mirror and see even a tiny difference. Would smart lipo make a difference for me?

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Please don't do liposuction at your weight

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Liposuction of any kind would essentially be malpractice if any doctor offerred it to you. The risks vs the benefits are skewed far toward the risk side for you and you stand to gain nothing from the procedure. Maybe you should consider a lap banding or gastric bypass because you won't be happy until you lose far far more weight than liposuction could ever offer you.

Please go to a well qualified bariatric surgeon for your best advice, but liposuction isn't for you at this point. Maybe later to contour a few areas, but not for weight loss!

No, it won't. You are definitely not a candidate for it.

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SmartLipo and liposuction in general is NOT a treatment for weight loss. In fact, it won't usually have any more than about a pound or two of loss. That's all. So if you are looking to lose weight, this isn't the answer. There are many good bariatric treatments such as banding or bypass that can get you what you need, so don't waste your time or money on SmartLipo since it won't. Glad you asked.

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