Will Smart Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift Help with Banana Rolls?

I'm 27, not over wt but w/a big bottom and have developed literally "c shaped folds" under my butt; worse than "banana rolls" caused by lipo 5yrs ago; Will smart lipo in comb. with the braz. butt lift work for me, will fat injections at the crease be able to hold the buttock and eliminate the fold?

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Correcting liposuction damage to the under the buttock - "Banana Roll" areas

Experienced Plastic surgeons approach liposuction of the thigh/buttock with care. We all know that foolishly performing deep liposuction on the areas just under the buttocks can result in deepening of the under the butt fold with collapse and sagging of the buttocks.

Smart Lipo has NO role in correcting this deformity and may make it much worse. Careful fat transfer to this area may build up the defect  but may need to be done in several stages.

In my opinion. you should pick an experienced Plastic surgeon for this job NOT one who needs to make payments on his new 150,000 SmartLipo machine and tries using it on every case. 

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Banana roll

The Banan Roll is the Posterior thigh where it meets with the buttock.

Aggressive liposuction of this area causes major problems.A gressive liposuction of the banana roll  will cause folds of skin and cause the buttock to drop.

The answer to your problem is not more liposuction, it may require fat transfer .

The fat transfer to the empty banana roll can be as much as 300 cc per side.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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