Smart Lipo, Water Jet Assisted Lipo, or Vaser Lipo?

I'm planning to undergo liposuction on Jan 2010, but I'm really confused which type to use. Smart Lipo, Body Jet Lipo, or Vaser Lipo?

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It depends on how good the surgeon is, not the name of the procedure.

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 We see patients who have had many different types of liposuction and have had problems with each. It's not the kind of liposuction that is important--that's marketing. The skill of the surgeon and how much fat he leaves behind and removes is the real essence of liposuction.

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It's not the method --it's the surgeon!

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This is a commonly asked question.

But it is like asking, "I need a carpenter. Should I hire one that uses a hammer with a leather wrapped handle or a rubber wrapped handle?"

The answer for liposuction, just like for the carpenter, is to find someone qualified, who comes with good recommendations, and who has a personality and aesthetic sense that is similar to your own!

Seriously -- don't dwell on the technique. If one were always superior, all plastic surgeons would use it. If one were dangerous, no one would use it. Surgeons pick these methods for one of two reasons: either they use it as a marketing "hook" or it performs slightly better in their hands.

That's it. Neither of these reasons should matter much to you. Find the best person for you and let them use the technique they prefer. Good luck with your search.

Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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