Smart Lipo After Being on Blood Thinners?

I had a Tummy Tuck in Dec. 2005 and developed pulumanry embolism in my right lung. Then I was put on blood thinners for six months, A year after the tummy tuck I saw my plastic surgeon, and he wanted to even out the fat left behind from the first operation. My medical doctor would NOT sign any release forms allowing me to under go any more operations.

I just found out about Smart Lipo and would like to know if I could stand a chance to get the procedure and have a flat stomach? It is bumpy, and still has fat.

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You have had a terrible complication from a surgery that might have cost you your life.  Consider it a blessing that you are alive, but under no circumstances should you let anyone touch that area for an elective procedure or you may not be as lucky the second time.

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