Smart Lipo 6 Days Before the Cruise?

Would you recommend abdominal Smart Lipo 6 days before cruise vacation? Due to scheduling constraints the only time available to have procedure is 6 days before leaving on a cruise vacation. The cruise is heading north so it doesn't involve island sun bathing, etc. I'm a petite 60-year-old female, in good health. Activities will consist mostly of sightseeing by walking or riding.

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Smart Lipo days before cruise not recommended


Smart Lipo is just laser-assisted liposuction. After doing about 150 cases, I have gone back to "regular" tumescent liposuction. It is not really all that different. Recovery time is short, but it varies. You will definitely not be looking your best 6 days afterward even though you might feel OK. Do it when time is less short.

Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Absolutely not a good idea to cruise 6 days postop

First of all, you will not be out of the woods for complications from surgery for 2 weeks after surgery. The most dangerous risk of any kind of liposuction is a severe tissue eating infection. If you were out on a cruise, you would be too far from proper medical care if anything happened to you.

Secondly, if your surgeon knew this was what you planned and said it was okay, you should leave that doctor immediately and find one who cares more about your safety than your surgical fee. Smart lipo is frequently performed by non-plastic surgeons and I would suggest you thoroughly check the qualifications of your doctor.

Finally, it is a very rare 60 year-old who has good enough skin elasticity to shrink well after liposuction and Smart lipo doesn't cause any better shrinkage than regular liposuction.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Not generally a good idea

I would agree completely with Dr. Rand on all points: sufficient time to monitor for complications,  questioning a physician who would perform this knowing your timetable, and the value of smartlipo in an individual with less than optimal skin elasticity.


Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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