Smart Lipo on Banana Roll and Thighs?

I'm going in for my smartlipo in one week and I'm curious what the healing process would typically look like for some one like me that is only getting a little taken out. I have a 21 BMI, 29 years old, 5'3" and about 114 lbs.

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Smartlipo procedures are less traumatic to the body than traditional liposuction.  Each patient is unique in their healing time and much depends own your current medical condition however, most patients heal quickly, within a week or two.  There will be some bruising and swelling in the area which will subside.  You will see your full results in a few months when the body has had a chance to fully recover and your new shape has settled.

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Quick recovery with Smartlipo

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Smartlipo for small areas like yours is a quick recovery.  Thighs usually bruise.  The area will be sore and swollen.  You won't see much results immediately.  A weekend is typically enough recovery to go back to a desk job and many people will go back after a day.  You'll see 90% of the results at three months.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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