How Are Smart Lipo Side Effects Avoided?

Iam considering having Smart Lipo in NY. I have read some disturbing accounts of lumps, bumps and ropiness afterward. Is this avoided by the skill of the surgeon, or is it based more on luck or an individual's reaction to the procedure? Are there post-op steps that can be taken to avoid this? Thank you!

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Smart Lipo Procedure

The lumps you are speaking of in regular Liposuction caqn come from incomplete removal or large canula. Smart lipo uses very small fibers to break up fat with the laser but specific to your question...the firm areas can come from a temperature too high in the deep fat. This kills the fat cells and can cause a firm mass. This is avoided in by monitoring the deep temperature with a probe at the tip of the canula. The Cynosure MPX smart lipo machine has this technology called Smartsense. By operating at the optimal temperature, this becomes a technical issue andnot the luck of the patient to prevent these. Skin tightening can be variable based on the patients skin, but not this.

We have published this study in the medical literature.

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