Do Canadian Doctors Perform Smart Lipo with Aspiration?

I have read on various posts on this board that the FDA approved SmartLipo in the USA only when done in conjunction with some sort of aspiration. Does the same hold true for practitioners in Canada?

I am seriously thinking of getting SmartLipo done with one of the surgeons in Toronto who is well-trained and acclaimed for his skill in it, but I have not read anything on reviews or the website regarding the removal of the fat once it is melted. Would that kind of thing simply be mentioned at a consult, or should I be sure to ask around to make sure the PSs do aspiration at all??

Thanks! I am very close to my target weight (probably no more than 7 pounds from where I would like to be), and just want to make sure that paying significant amount of money for the procedure will be worthwhile with noticable, natural results.

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