Massive Indentation and Lumps After Smart Lipo to Arms, Will This Go Away Over Time? (photo)

I have been 3.5 weeks post op. I have limited mobility in the arm and indentations. Will this go away or do I need immediate follow up.

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Arm Liposuction Lumps And Bumps

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Skin irregularities, stiffness and lack of complete smoothness is common in the early period after any form of liposuction, Smartlipo notwithstanding.  It can be particularly obvious in areas like the back of the arm where the skin is thin and the direction of the liposuction extraction is largely unidirectional. It is also common in the arms where the indications for liposuction are stretched due to the lack of any other good alternative (arm lifts) and many women's frustrations with the look of their arms. It is still early and you definitely are not looking at the final result. I would recommend arm massage or any other skin smoothing treatments that can help work with the skin and swelling to achieve the best contour result possible. You can judge the final result when the back of the arms feel soft, are no longer sore when squeezing and the skin has normal sensation.  

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